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Ryan Hartley – Co-Owner, Editor, Patriots/Red Sox Beat Writer

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I’m a 23-year-old who graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting last January and will hopefully be earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism from the University of New Hampshire by the conclusion of 2014, finishing up my remaining credits at the Community College of Rhode Island due to past financial complications. I am setting my sights on the copywriting field as I’ve become somewhat of a “grammar nazi” as a result of my time spent as a Journalism major, yet I’m keeping my options open if opportunities in journalism present themselves. I still hope to someday be involved in the sports media field in some capacity. Basically, this blog is geared toward expressing opinions and insight on all four major sports teams in the New England area, namely the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins. Besides simply sharing my personal thoughts and analysis, I’d like to make this site open to public opinion as well and encourage sports conversations to take place amongst visitors to the site.

I am committing myself to this blog for a number of reasons. Ever since I was in my pre-teens, I have had an obsession with sports. Playing them, watching them: 24/7 my mind was racing about the next sporting event or the latest sports news. The older I got, the greater this interest and the depth of my knowledge grew. From observation (and of course talking to my father and uncles about sports history), I was able to get a solid idea of what the four major sports were all about. I have always had a creative side, which took the form of me developing an interest in art and music growing up. I have been drawing and painting since the age of seven, and have been playing drums for nine years. Meshing my desire to express creativity with my passion for sports planted the idea of creating this blog, and hopefully this will make a great addition to a personal resumé. Enjoy the page!

John Bracewell – Co-Owner, Director of Web Design/Marketing and Sales, Product Design Coordinator, Contributing Sports Writer

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I’m a 23-year-old assistant office manager for Advanced Network Systems, an IT help desk company based out of Lincoln, RI.  I’m also a sports enthusiast like Ryan, fan of all four major sports teams, which was one of the main reasons I joined this blog.  I also felt that, with my years of experience working with computers at ANS (along with some dabblings in marketing), I would be able to contribute significantly to the initial creation and continued development of this site.  Hope everyone enjoys the continued improvements to the page design and social networking applications (Facebook and Twitter) that NESR is on!

John Calabro – Celtics Beat Writer

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I am currently an employed graduate of Bryant University, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in marketing.  I feel that having knowledge in this as well as many other business disciplines, I can help NESR to succeed and grow in the future.  When I am not dabbling in the business side of things, I will also be writing primarily about the Celtics along with other potential random stories.

I am joining because of my passion about sports in general, being involved in every aspect.  I am currently the Sports Director for Bryant University’s radio station, WJMF, where I have gained experience both broadcasting and producing broadcasts.  Along with my intense love for playing any sport, I figure I’ll take a stab at blogging to share my knowledge with all of you followers.  I am extremely excited to be a part of the NESR team, and I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer!

Jonathan Duncan – Bruins Beat Writer, Assistant Editor

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I’m Ryan’s 15-year-old cousin.  I am a sophomore at Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School in Massachusetts, where I play both football and hockey.  I also umpire Little League baseball in Rehoboth and sometimes Dighton.  I am joining this site as a writer because ever since I can remember I have loved sports.  I follow baseball, basketball, football, and hockey closely, both the Boston teams and the leagues they play in, but hockey is by far my favorite.  Hockey has always been the sport I’ve enjoyed the most, both having played it for eight years and watching it for even longer.  My father also played hockey at DR when he was younger from 1979-81.  His father (my grandfather) played as well, so I guess the love of the sport runs in the family.  I have played football and baseball at the town league level for seven and ten years, respectively.  I have joined this site purely for fun because I enjoy sports and love writing about them.  I hope you all enjoy my writing about the Bruins, and hopefully I can spark some debate between all of us crazy New England sports fans!