New England Sports React

Our Mission

The mission of the New England Sports React blog is to provide the sports enthusiast with knowledgable, in-depth analysis and insight from a fan’s perspective on the four major New England sports teams. We also feature coverage of the organized leagues they play in as well as emerging athletic stars both at the youth and college level. NESR combines a journalistic touch with blog-style writing to create stories which are both interesting reads and allow for interaction amongst visitors to the site, not only with each other but with the site’s writers as well.  Think of us as a column, beat, and blog combined into one.

NESR is a forum for sharing opinions with like-minded sports fans in a relaxed yet competitive environment (c’mon, we’re all sports fans here). We writers aren’t professionals by any means, but we’ve all been watching and playing sports for a number of years so we have a pretty solid understanding of them.  Feel free to post your reactions on the site’s articles: we’d be happy to converse with you on any sports topic you might bring up.