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    The ‘Hoo-Man’ is Back

    The ‘Hoo-Man’ doesn’t often catch passes, but when he does, good things happen. Well, at least the...

  • 20140209-164047.jpg

    Hernandez Phone Calls Lost

    Hernandez’s life of lies finally caught up to him when justice succeeded arrogance. Despite his incarceration, former-New...

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    Super Bowl Blowout

    Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl in just his second season under center for Seattle. It wasn’t...

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    Selling the Scandal

    Estrella will be sure to profit quite heftily from this Super Bowl ring. SpyGate has once again...

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    Arrington to Undergo Groin Surgery

    Arrington was signed to a five-year deal with the Patriots last offseason. Maybe there was something to...