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Need For A Number One?

It sure would be a sight for sore eyes seeing these two on the same sideline together come September.

Picture it now. Tom Brady under center, looking up and down his line of supporting cast, making direct eye contact with a bigger target than he’s had his entire career. Brady calls hike and the receiver streaks up the right sideline, breaking free of press coverage with the deep safety focusing on the middle part of the field. TB12 floats a beautiful, spiraling ball his way and the premiere receiver catches it in stride, waltzing his way into the end zone. Nice visual, isn’t it?

With trade rumors swirling regarding the movement of Houston Texans wideout Andre Johnson, it only seemed appropriate to consider the possibility of the future hall-of-famer donning red, white, and blue this upcoming season. The decision seems an obvious one for New England: get a top notch receiver and massive target on a two- to three-year rental and take advantage of his remaining talent. Sure, Johnson is owed $10 million this year, but Darrelle Revis was also set to make top dollar this season and renegotiated his contract to sign with the Patriots. To say it’s not possible is even more outrageous than it actually happening. Andre clearly wants out of Houston, a team that has never gotten him a legitimate quarterback in his 11 seasons in the NFL. Yet still, Johnson continues to produce, recording five 100 reception seasons and amassing 1,000 yards in seven of those seasons. Just imagine the type of production he could have in New England with Brady throwing to him.

It’s a nice thought, and very much a realistic possibility. The only roadblock seems to be that Texans head coach Bill O’Brien doesn’t want to deal Johnson. And it’s understandable why. Johnson’s consistency and playmaking ability are a huge asset to any offense, and with a team that just named the embattled Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting QB, they need all the help they can get. Sure, DeAndre Hopkins showed flashes at the WR position, but is he really ready to shoulder the load of Houston’s passing game? Not to mention the uncertain commodity that is Arian Foster. Still, if the price is right, why would O’Brien say no? If the Texans could get anything formidable in return, whether it be a young defenseman with a high ceiling or a second- or third-year player just looking to prove himself, along with relieving themselves of Johnson’s money, the deal would certainly make sense. The question is, would the Patriots be willing to give up considerable talent for an aging star? The possibilities are wide open.

-Ryan Hartley

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