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Hernandez Indicted

Despite the overwhelming evidence pitted against him, Hernandez doesn’t seem to realize just how deep the hole he’s dug for himself is.

Finally, it seems like our justice system is making some leeway in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial.

Thursday, after countless months of speculation and allegation, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley informed reporters that a grand jury indicted Hernandez for the murder of two men outside a Boston nightclub in 2012. This, of course, is a separate charge than the one that landed him in prison in the first place, yet it is assumed the two homicides are related. Investigators have been attempting to pin the former Patriots tight end for the 2012 double homicide since he was incarcerated last summer for murder and weapons charges stemming from the Odin Lloyd case. And now, they’ve finally got Hernandez right where they want him. With a murder charge raising the temperature on an already scorching ‘hot seat,’ Boston attorney and legal analyst Harry Manion, who joined WEEI’s D&C on the air Friday morning, claims it’s only a matter of time until Hernandez is nailed for Lloyd’s murder. Said Manion: “You can stick the fork in Aaron Hernandez.”

With compelling evidence and numerous eyewitness testimonies stacked against him, it’s hard to argue with him. Added the Boston attorney: “They have the motive — fight in a bar, disagreement in a bar; there’s the motive. They have the car at the scene; the car is tied to Hernandez. They have the murder weapon tied to Hernandez. Wait ’til they start rolling out the forensics after the arraignment showing all the forensic evidence tying it to Hernandez. And the survivors are going to be compelling, especially the guy that got shot. Even the two guys that ran, they’re going to be compelling witnesses at trial.” Given his legal stature and obvious ties to the case, Manion’s claims appear too legitimate to ignore. Yet I’m sure there are still those out there who believe Hernandez will somehow manage to elude prosecutors as if they were opposing tacklers and get out of this untouched (which, I’m sure, Hernandez believes as well). To that small percentile and Aaron, I say, “Wake up and smell the roses, people!” Ignorance is bliss, however, and certain individuals will always relish in ignoring the obvious. They’ll all be in for a rude awakening in the coming months, when Hernandez is sentenced life imprisonment. You can bet on that.

-Ryan Hartley

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