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Milan Maligns Montreal

Milan Lucic (left) didn’t take too kindly to Dale Weise (right) and his Canadien teammates following Wednesday night’s Game 7.

As if getting knocked out of the playoffs by Montreal weren’t bad enough.

Following Wednesday’s disheartening 3-1 loss at the hands of the dreaded Canadiens, Bruins forward Milan Lucic just had to add insult to injury. Using the handshake line as his outlet, Lucic thrashed player after player on the opposition, threatening to “f***ing kill” them. His vicious antics caught the attention of one Dale Weise, who assumed the role of ‘tattle tale’ and immediately went to the media. Lucic, of course, didn’t take kindly to Weise’s cowardice, claiming afterwards that what happens on the ice, stays on the ice; “If he wants to be a baby about it, that’s fine.” Then, when asked Friday if he was sorry for his actions, the Boston forward simply stated that he couldn’t take back what he said and was ashamed it got leaked in the first place.

Milan, I love the public display of hatred, absolutely love it. But why not show that kind of malice in-game? Where was it in Games 5, 6, and 7? While Montreal was controlling play at both ends of the ice, you seemed more comfortable playing pass the puck with your teammates instead of bearing down and getting shots on net. “Milan was aggressive on the forecheck,” some might argue. Really? Does aggressive on the forecheck put the puck in the net? Sure, it might help if your linemates are actually carrying their weight. But with David Krejci and Jarome Iginla playing as poorly as ‘Looch,’ he had to have a ‘kill-first’ mindset. Instead, he chose to pass along the proverbial rifle to guys who had forgotten how to shoot. As a result, we Bruins fans were left to suffer with ‘what ifs’ and thoughts of what could’ve been. A season with so much promise ending with so much disappointment; it’s a damn shame. And now, thanks to Milan’s actions, we won’t be able to put it out of our minds for a long time.

-Ryan Hartley

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