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‘MiniTron’s’ Return Adds to Successful Offseason

Julian Edelman is quickly becoming an iconic figure in New England because of his consistent effort and determination.

Was there ever any doubt that ‘The Little Engine That Could’ would end up anywhere other than New England?

After a brief visit with the San Francisco 49ers Friday, wide receiver Julian Edelman found his way back to the team he’s called home since he broke into the league as a 7th-round pick in 2009. The Wes-Welker clone signed a deal for which the details have yet to be released early Saturday afternoon, adding to the Patriots’ impressive first week of free agency and boosting a receiving corps that lost it’s most productive wideout last offseason. Edelman looks to build off of a season where he set career-highs as the go-to-guy with 105 catches for 1,056 yards and six touchdowns. With Gronk unable to stay healthy for all 16 games, Tom Brady honed in on ‘MiniTron’ and quickly realized just how trustworthy the man with a heart bigger than his ego is. Game-after-game, Edelman would put his body on the line for his teammates and the entirety of Patriots Nation, and in the end it produced results that many thought would come from the more experienced Danny Amendola. Number 11 has been used to people doubting him throughout his life, however, yet he continues to prove them wrong time-and-time again. And with Edelman sure to receive an even heavier workload this upcoming season, it’s more than likely he’ll do so again.

-Ryan Hartley

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