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Winning Ways Hurting C’s Draft Chances

The Celtics are simply gelling at the wrong time for a team destined for mediocrity this season.


Who would have thought we would be seeing the time where we want a team to lose in order to get better? In the backwards NBA, that’s simply how it works, and with the Celtics winning games recently, it is hurting their ability to draft one of the premier college players expected to declare for the 2014 NBA draft. With wins in their past two games, the C’s sit at 22-41 with the sixth worst record in the league (tied with the Sacramento Kings).

With the lottery system still in place, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Celtics wouldn’t be able to crack the top five, but the point is to get as high of a chance as possible. Why is this so important, you may be asking yourselves? The answer is because players in the NBA do NOT want to play in Boston. It is extremely difficult to acquire talent through free agency, regardless of how much money the Celtics have been freeing up. The only way to truly assemble a championship team is to draft well and to trade well, and once the players are here they see for themselves the winning culture that has been in place in Celtics history for fifty-plus years. Of course, having college athletes being able to come out after only one season is ruining both the college and pro game. But that is a discussion for an entirely different day. The bottom line is that the Celtics need to lose games or else they will be stuck in NBA purgatory for years to come.

-John Calabro

*The Celtics next game is tonight (Tuesday) at the Pacers. Tip-off time is 7 pm. *

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