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Hernandez Phone Calls Lost


Hernandez’s life of lies finally caught up to him when justice succeeded arrogance.

Despite his incarceration, former-New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s name continues to find its way into the headlines.

Early Friday afternoon, Hernandez had yet another hearing in regards to the murder charge he is facing, and it resulted in a lost piece of evidence for the prosecution. Judge Susan Garsh denied a request to obtain recorded jailhouse phone calls made by Hernandez after prosecutors failed to prove the relevance of them to the case. She claimed that they must provide more information as to what led them to believe the recordings need be included. Besides these jailhouse phone recordings, the prosecution is also looking to obtain records of Hernandez’s jailhouse visits, which included stop-ins by his fiancée and cousin who both face charges in connection with the case.

Based on the evidence, it seems that Hernandez was communicating about the case and expressing the “extent of his control over persons charged as accessories,” leading this blogger (and the prosecution, I’m sure) to believe that Hernandez was the center of the whole operation to murder Lloyd. If allowed, these phone recordings would be a major blow to any shred of innocence Hernandez might’ve possibly had left. When will this guy learn to shut his mouth and stop letting his arrogance talk for him? He clearly deserves everything he has coming to him.

The next court hearing is schedule for June 16th. Until then, I’m sure we’ll be hearing Hernandez’s name in the news again sometime soon.

-Ryan Hartley

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