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A-Rod Ends Biogenesis Litigation

Answering questions about the Biogenesis scandal is the closest A-Rod is going to get to a baseball field this season.

Finally, A-Rod is accepting the punishment for his wrongdoings.

Friday, Rodriguez and his legal team made the decision to withdraw their lawsuits against the MLB, Commissioner Bud Selig, and the MLBPA, effectively ending the appeal process for the maligned slugger and assuring he will serve his season-long suspension in 2014. A-Rod will be unable to participate in the postseason as will, and due to his suspension has thus decided not to attend Spring Training with the Yankees this year. Joe Tacopina, one of Rodriguez’s attorneys, says the third baseman is simply accepting the 162-game suspension to put the situation behind him and move on to the 2015 season, one in which he hopes to be welcomed back to the Yankee clubhouse with open arms (yeah, right).

Major League Baseball is very pleased with A-Rod’s decision, claiming Rodriguez “has done the right thing by withdrawing his lawsuit” and that “his decision to move forward is in everyone’s best interest.” Whether this message had a threatening undertone to it or not is unknown, but it certainly seems to suggest daunting consequences were A-Rod to have gone forth with pursuing the lawsuit. Basically, he would have lost. But that seas a definite. Rodriguez’s was as obvious a guilty verdict as the Hernandez murder trial still undergoing the judicial process. He violated MLB’s Joint Drug Agreement multiple times as well as the Basic Agreement, and with evidence mounted against him involving his use of illegal performance-enhancing substances obtained from Biogenesis he then sought to cover it up.

It’s hard to call A-Rod a ‘man’ for deciding to accept the league’s punishment even though he is doing things the right way this time around. It’s simply the manner in which he does things that rubs me (and many other people, it seems) the wrong way. Simply based on the fact that he said he was accepting the punishment to move on and look ahead to 2015 when he could be welcomed back into the Yankees’ clubhouse just has an air of arrogance about it, the same stench that A-Rod has filled the air with since he became a superstar and developed an ego bigger than his head. Not many people (myself included) really felt bad for him when word of this suspension came out, so the fact that it is now set in stone that he’ll serve it this season just brings an even bigger smile to my face and I’m sure the faces of quite a few others. Hopefully, 2015 brings an even slower and more unproductive A-Rod to the field. Until then, we who loathe the one they call Alex Rodriguez will simply enjoy his absence from Major League Baseball.

-Ryan Hartley

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