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Super Bowl Blowout


Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl in just his second season under center for Seattle.

It wasn’t even close.

A 35-point differential in what was expected to be a game that came down-to-the-wire. The best offense in football versus the best defense in football. As we came to learn this past Sunday, though, defense truly does win championships. The Seattle Seahawks didn’t just win the Super Bowl, however: they completely embarrassed the Denver Broncos, 43-8, in what was one of the most dominant performances in the history of the big game. Peyton Manning, coming off the greatest season for a quarterback in NFL history, was completely shut down, throwing a continuity of “ducks” while under the pressure of the Seahawks’ outside rushers. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, showed poise as a sophomore at the position, protecting the football and throwing it to his receivers in space where they could get yards after the catch.

But the real story was obviously the shutdown play of their defense, who halted the top-scoring offense in NFL history with physical play at the line of scrimmage from whistle-to-whistle. Their blowout victory is likely to set a precedent in the NFL for teams looking to compete for a championship in the coming years: develop a smart, hard-hitting defense with young talent through the draft. Pete Carroll took over the Seahawks with that mindset, drafting large players with great awareness and reaction. Despite the 7-9 record in his first season as head coach, Carroll snuck Seattle into the playoffs and upset the heavily-favored New Orleans Saints. The next year, the Seahawks were playing for the NFC Championship. Carroll has clearly developed a new formula for winning in this offensively-oriented league, one that is obsessed with the long pass downfield rather than the big hit in open space. Even the rules favor NFL offenses. Yet still, Carroll has found a way to build an elite defense, one that is sure to perform at that level for a long time to come.

-Ryan Hartley

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